About Us

Respinar started its activity in June 2017 by me with years of programming experience in order to provide services including website design and programming, optimization and hosting.

Respinar design group keeps pace with the rapid progress in the field of information and communication technology by using specialized power and new technologies and many years of experience of its members and in line with the needs of the industrial, commercial and service units of the country, private and government, as well as individuals and activities, looking to the horizon The future of this industry at the world level has tried and is taking steps towards the development of information technology.

We first started our activity by designing static websites. And we changed our activity to designing dynamic websites with a dedicated management system written by PHP and MySQL. But due to the fact that the dedicated systems were very expensive, after a long search, we chose Cantao's content management system as the content management of the designed websites.

Some group activities

  • Cooperation in Persian translation of Contao.org content management system
  • Cooperation in the Persian translation of Roundcube.net email system
  • Cooperation in the Persian translation of opencart.com online store

اصول کاری گروه

  • جلب رضایت کامل مشتریان
  • بررسی و شناخت دقیق و کامل نیاز مشتریان
  • بروزرسانی تکنولوژی و دانش مورد استفاده
  • حفظ زمینه تخصصی فعالیت
  • اطلاع رسانی، گسترش و آموزش
  • بومی‌سازی محصولات و خدمات
  • بکارگیری نیروهای متخصص و مجرب
  • استانداردسازی و ارتقاء کیفی محصولات و خدمات
  • خدمات و پشتیبانی پس از فروش
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